Mangalayatan University

Mangalayatan University

Mangalayatan University

About the institute

MU was founded in 2006 and has graduated over 3500 students. Nearly 3000 students currently study on its campus. It consists of several highly qualified and motivated individuals from the IITs, NITs, top US universities and other high-quality institutions. They champion the adoption of the latest teaching methods and constantly keep themselves updated with the latest technological and industrial advances MU’s vision is to give students from all kinds of background a quality educational experience leading to legitimately rewarding career opportunities.

As part of its longer term vision, MU is tying up with several industry leaders in order to make industrial training and exposure a growing part of its core curriculum. An MoU has been signed with Andritz, a hydro-power equipment manufacturing European giant and several relationships are in varying stages of maturing.

The problem faced by them

  • Before, it has offline form due to which most applicants could not able fill the form.

Our solution to the problem

  • After going live with our online form system, applicants started filling the form sitting in their home. And this increased the reach of the institute.

The result

With the increased reach of online application form they witnessed a remarkable growth in the number of application.






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