Jain University – Bangalore

Jain University – Bangalore

Jain University – Bangalore

About the institute

Jain University is promoted by the Jain University Trust. The Jain University Trust is managed by the JGI Group. Headquartered at Bangalore, the JGI Group represents a cluster of 85 vibrant educational establishments. After 23 years, the Group is today home to over 45000 students and 4500 staff members engaged at the P – 12, undergraduate & postgraduate levels across 64 campuses and centres of excellence.

Jain University brings in thought leadership with a blend of academic rigour and a hands-on applicability to real-world issues. The learning environment is enriched by a team of highly talented & motivated faculty and staff, and an illustrious leadership. The University currently offers over 180 innovative programmes at the Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research levels. The university offers degrees spanning Languages, Social Sciences & Humanities, Physical & Life Sciences, Engineering Science and Technology, Management and Commerce.

The problem faced by them

  • Earlier, no. of application were less due to offline form.
  • With offline mode of application, the institute was having a limited reach to the applicants. This resulted a low turnout in application submission.

Our solution to the problem

  • We provided 24×7 live support and due to which no. of applications started increasing. Due to online application form the reach of the form increased without any geographical constraint which was there in offline form process.

The result

After going online with FDS there number of applicants increased along with the increase in paid applicants.






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